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Problem of training Japanese people to become startup founders : Trends of entrepreneurship education in Japan

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February 22, 2024

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is implementing educational policies to expand the number of entrepreneurs in Tokyo, with the goal of achieving a 12% rate of starting a business in Tokyo by 2030.

Unlike others, where entrepreneurship is already recognized as a career, Japanese people are still quite unfamiliar with the idea of starting a business.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government aims to make entrepreneurship more accessible to Tokyo citizens through "early education" at the elementary and junior high school level.

Accordingly, free entrepreneurship education is being introduced and offered at elementary and junior high schools in Tokyo.

The 5-day "Entrepreneurship Experience Workshop" is open to 10 students from grades 4th-6th of elementary school and 1st-3rd of middle school.

The program is conducted in the order as follows: [Problem definition] > [Idea refinement] > [Business model] > [Business plan] > [Presentation] over 5 days, 11 hours in total.

(Source : 小中学生起業家教育プログラム)

The goal of the program is to help students discover that they can contribute to the world in a wide range of ways by solving social problems through business, and to acquire entrepreneurship skills.

(Source : WILLFU )

If you're wondering whether there are any entrepreneurship programs for adults, WILLFU is a Japanese version of an online entrepreneurship bootcamp that provides B2C entrepreneurship education.

The course is divided into two groups: working adults and university students. It takes 3 months and is 100% online.

(Credit : underdogs)

Interestingly, WILLFU emphasizes action rather than theory, similar to underdogs.

Out of the entire three-month program, only two months are spent on practical training, and the remaining one month is spent on actual execution of your own business plan and generating revenue."

Written by underdogs



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