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10 ESG startups to spotlight in Asia

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April 25, 2024

The Rising Tide of ESG Startups in Asia

The landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) startups in Asia is experiencing a dynamic evolution, marked by significant strides in integrating sustainability into the core of business practices and innovations. 

As the startups related to ESG sector continue to grow, they are reshaping the region's approach to sustainable development, making profound impacts on both local and global scales. This dynamic transformation is pushing Asian countries to pivoting as a significant player in the ESG sector.

Listing 10 startups relate to ESG in Asia

Let’s take a glimpse at the 10 notable ESG startups in Asia. These startups are not just making a mark with their innovative solutions but are also crucial in driving the regional shift towards more accountable and environmentally conscious business operations. (Number is irrelevant to ranking.) 

1.EcoWorth Tech (Singapore, Seed)

Founded by Andre Stolz, EcoWorth Tech is a Singapore-based startup at the forefront of addressing environmental sustainability through innovative technology. 

The company specializes in purifying and reclaiming water from various waste sources using their proprietary Carbon Fibre Aerogel technology. 

By commercializing this unique technology, the company is paving the way for more sustainable practices in critical industries, making a significant impact on both the environment and the economy. 

(Refer to : Understanding EcoWorth Tech and their challenges: Q&A with TechNode Global

(Credit : EcoWorth Tech)

2.Lohum (India, Series B)

Based in India, Lohum is a pioneer in the sustainable energy transition, focusing on integrated battery recycling and raw material refining, as well as battery repurposing. 

The company recycles batteries from electric vehicles (EVs) and other sources to produce battery-grade materials such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel salts, which are then supplied to various stakeholders in the battery manufacturing industry. 

Lohum is actively setting up a large integrated facility in Tamil Nadu to enhance its processing capabilities. Additionally, the firm is establishing facilities in the UAE, the US, and Europe, aimed at facilitating the collection and initial processing of batteries and other source materials. 

(Refer to : Battery tech startup Lohum raises $14 million in funding - The Economic Times

(Credit : Lohum)

3.RecyGlo (Myanmar, Seed)

RecyGlo, a Myanmar-based startup, is at the forefront of waste management and recycling, with a strong commitment to achieving zero waste in the region. 

The company provides a comprehensive sustainability platform that caters to both businesses and individuals, offering a range of services including recycling, logistics, and the supply of segregation bins.

RecyGlo also contributes to the circular economy by converting food and organic waste into organic fertilizer. This eco-friendly solution supports gardening and farming, extending the lifecycle of organic materials and promoting sustainable practices in agriculture. 

(Refer to : Myanmar waste management startup brings positive change

(Source : RecyGlo)

4.Handprint (Singapore, Seed)

Based in Singapore, Handprint, founded in 2019, is a Software-as-a-Service platform that connects companies with UN SDG impact projects, aligning with their ESG strategies and enhancing consumer engagement at the point of sale. 

Handprint offers plugins that integrate with businesses to facilitate greener transactions and connect them to various sustainability projects like plastic removal, coral reef construction, and disaster relief, showcasing their sustainability commitments in a meaningful way. 

(Refer to : This tech startup in Singapore won the first prize in Tech in Asia for pitching about ESG SaaS business

(Source : Handprint)

5.Dat Bike (Vietnam, Series B)

Dat Bike is a Vietnamese startup focused on accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Vietnam. Dat Bike aims to transform Vietnam's dominant motorbike culture by introducing affordable and efficient electric scooters. 

Their product lineup, including the recently launched Weaver 200, is designed to meet the specific needs of Vietnamese consumers, offering long range and powerful performance comparable to traditional gasoline scooters at competitive prices. 

With its own manufacturing facility in Vietnam, Dat Bike controls production and innovation, facilitating rapid response to market demands and technological advancements.

(Refer to : Dat Bike is the creator of Vietnam’s first domestic electric motorbike | TechCrunch

(Credit : Dat Bike)

6.Xurya (Indonesia, Series A)

Xurya is an Indonesian startup that focuses on renewable energy solutions, specifically in the solar power sector. 

The company provides commercial and industrial building owners with access to solar energy through a solar leasing model. This model allows businesses to install solar panels with no upfront costs, paying instead through a lease agreement that typically results in lower overall electricity costs. 

(Refer to : Indonesian solar energy startup Xurya aims to raise fresh funds - Nikkei Asia

(Credit : Xurya)

7.CO2 Network (South Korea)

CO2 Network is a tech startup that utilizes artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to address global climate issues. They focus on carbon capture and storage solutions, leveraging these advanced technologies to enhance the efficiency and transparency of carbon trading markets. The platform allows individuals to trade carbon credits on a small scale using a blockchain that provides identity verification. 

(Refer to : How a 10-year tech startup is using AI, blockchain to solve a global climate crisis

(Credit : CO2 Network)

8.Spatial Pleasure (Japan, Seed)

Spatial Pleasure, a Japanese startup founded in May 2019, aims to revolutionize urban analysis and sustainability. With a background in urban studies, the founder was driven by the challenge of capturing the complex characteristics of cities beyond basic metrics like traffic or hospital counts. 

The startup has developed a software platform named DMRV (Digital, Measurement, Reporting, and Verification), which focuses on certifying and measuring carbon credits for transportation operators. This platform is part of Spatial Pleasure’s broader mission to contribute to the decarbonization of urban areas and build a meaningful urban civilization by enhancing the way cities are understood and optimized.

(Refer to : Spatial Pleasure, the Japanese startup aiming to use data to makes cities more sustainable)

(Credit : Spatial Pleasure)

9.Umami Bioworks (Singapore, Acquired)

Umami Bioworks is revolutionizing the seafood industry with its innovative automated platform, combining stem cell biology, machine learning, and automation to produce seafood sustainably.

The company's efforts extend beyond just food production; it is committed to ocean restoration and providing a sustainable alternative to the overfishing of endangered species with alt-meat products such as cultivated eel, groupers and halibut.

(Refer to : SG alt-meat makers Shiok Meats, Umami Bioworks set to merge

(Credit : Umami Bioworks)

10.Paper Pop (South Korea, Seed)

This South Korean startup is making various kinds of furniture using solid paper. They intend to reduce waste produced during move, festival, etc., contributing positively to sustainability and environmental goals. 

By utilizing paper as a primary material, PaperPop not only minimizes environmental impact but also promotes the circular economy, positioning itself as a pioneering force in eco-friendly production practices.

(Refer to : How a tech startup in South Korea expands its business into Japan, Europe with paper furniture?

(Credit : Paper Pop)

Written by Jinny Kim (underdogs)

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*This article is co-written with ChatGPT and reviewed by the editor.


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